Non-Drug Treatments for COVID

The Three-point Treatment for COVID-19 and Long-COVID

This website teaches a free, do-it-yourself treatment that quickly restores healthy, correct electrical flow to the three areas that are disrupted in people with COVID and Long-COVID.

Everyone we have seen with COVID and Long-COVID has electrical disruptions in the same three locations: elbow, mid-back, and mid-brain. The Three-point COVID Treatment quickly and lastingly restores those three electrical irregularities back to their pre-COVID, healthy flow patterns.

Dr. JJ Hadlock feeling the leg currents on a happy patient.

This website offers instructions for self-treatment as well as instructions for health professionals, particularly acupuncturists. The self-treatment uses acupressure, a protocol in which a finger is rubbed along the skin at specific points. The acupressure self-treatment and the professional acupuncture treatment are essentially the same, are equally effective, and work in the same time frame.

Stroking LI-11

Treatment Protocol

This COVID-19/Long-COVID treatment protocol was submitted to the NIH in June, 2020, for approval to share this treatment with the public. More than three years later, on December 2, 2022, the Clearinghouse of the NCCIM (the National Institutes of Health’s Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, sent an email to the founder of this site saying: “We encourage you to share with your patients, students, or audience any research results of your protocol that have been published in a peer-reviewed journal.”

For more about the history of this research project please use the link to Research.

This treatment protocol has been researched from early 2020 through summer of 2022. The research findings were published in the Fall, 2022 issue of the peer-reviewed, top-ranked journal in its field: the Journal of Chinese Medicine.