About Us

Many health professionals have worked on the Three-Point Covid Treatment project: The key participants were John Chu, LAc; Laura Walter, LAc; Dr. Kevin Ryan, osteopath, Registered Acupuncturist, naturopath; and Dr. J.J. Hadlock, DAOM, LAc.

Many other acupuncturists have assisted in testing this treatment.

Their names are not included because they were doing the treatments secretly, in hospital settings where their national regulations had not yet approved this treatment.The medical professionals working on this project are all unpaid volunteers. None of us is receiving any financial benefit from this work. The text, translations, and videos have all been done for free. None of us is copyrighting our work on the project. Just the opposite: we encourage our site visitors to spread our findings as widely as possible. The professional website designer and the professional artist who created the logo and the maps of the channels were paid for their services. We doctors are paying these expenses out of pocket.

The Three-point Covid Treatment project is an NGO, a non-governmental, public service project. We do not yet have United States Non-Profit status.

Because some people have wanted to know more about the leader of this project, the following is offered:

CV of Dr. J.J. Hadlock, DAOM, LAc

Educational degrees

  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Five Branches University, San Jose California, 2009
  • Master’s degree TCM, Five Branches University, Santa Cruz, licensed in acupuncture by the state of California, 1994
  • BA Biology, UC Santa Cruz, CA, 1974


  • Professor at Five Branches 1998 -2021
  • Channel theory
  • Psychology and Counseling
  • Yin Tui Na
  • Clinic

Books (double dates indicate first and most recent editions)

Hacking Chinese Medicine: 2015
Tracking the Dragon: 2012, 2018
Yin Tui Na for Traumatic Injury: 2016
Medications of Parkinson’s: Once Upon A Pill: 2003
Recovery from Parkinson’s: 1999, 2020
Stuck on Pause: 2015, 2022

Articles (incomplete, just a sampling):

“Channel Qi Changes in Response to COVID-19”; Journal of Chinese Medicine; issue 130; p. 3; 2022.
“Observations on Intrinsic Asthma and the Bladder Channel”; Journal of Chinese Medicine; issue 121; p. 43; 2019
“Levadopa and the Progression of Parkinson’s: A Commentary”; New England Journal of Medicine; March 31, 2005; p.1379 (Dr. J. Hadlock was the first non-MD acupuncturist to be published in this journal.)
“Parkinson’s disease from TCM / Channel Perspective”; California Journal of Oriental Medicine; Winter, 2001, Vol 12, No 1
“Primary Parkinson’s disease: The use of Tui Na and acupuncture in Accord With an Evolving Hypothesis from the perspective of TCM”; American Journal of Acupuncture; Vol 27, No 1 & 2, 1999

Work Experience

Private clinic 1994-2021
Research project leader:

  • Asthma research at Five Branches 2020. Project stopped in March, 2020, due to COVID restrictions
  • Parkinson’s research in private clinic, 1998-2021, and at Five Branches 1999-2003
  • Founder/director Parkinson’s Recovery Project, non-profit 301-c, 1998 to present https://pdrecovery.org/

Dr. Hadlock is now retired from clinical practice, but continues to lecture, write, and serve as director for the NGO, non-profit, Parkinson’s Recovery Project: www.pdRecovery.org