Covid Treatment

Extra treatment instructions for people with active COVID

Active COVID

If a person has an active case of COVID-19, the treatments on this webpage should be done at least two times per day until all symptoms are gone.

The treatments on this webpage are absolutely safe. A person can treat or be treated at the three locations of blockage as many times a day as he pleases, without having any harm from the treatments.

Then again, there is no point in becoming obsessive and doing the treatments non-stop. As soon as benefits from the treatment are sufficient, a person can take a break from the treatment. If symptoms re-appear, the treatment can be repeated.

If the virus is active in the person’s body, the person’s body will continue to be affected by the virus. The presence of the virus will re-disrupt and re-block the person’s body at the three locations even after the blockages have been removed by the treatment. Until the active virus is gone from the body, this treatment might need to be repeated two or more times a day to keep the symptoms under control.


Doing this treatment while active COVID is present can reduce the symptoms to a minimum level.
When the virus is no longer active and all symptoms have cleared up, there is no need to continue doing the treatment.

If symptoms benefit from treatment but symptoms resume even after a person tests negative for active COVID, the patient most likely has another, non-COVID health problem that has not healed or that even became worse in response to the COVID infection. Please go to the page titled Pre-existing conditions.