The bio-electric theory behind this treatment

Very low-level electrical current is always supposed to be flowing through the body’s connective tissue in highly specific routes. The connective tissue is sometimes called “fascia.”

In people with COVID, at the three locations of elbow, mid-back, and mid-brain, the electrical flow in the connective tissue is disrupted: blocked. The currents therefore divert away from their healthy flow patterns. In the Three-point COVID treatment, the subtle static generated by the movement of a person’s finger along the correct routes of the disrupted currents combined with visualization of currents moving correctly in the head, have been shown to restore the currents to their pre-COVID, healthy routes. When the electrical routes are restored, the symptoms of COVID soon cease. Acupuncture needles can also be used to restore the currents, if a person prefers to work with a health professional who is trained in the use of acupuncture needles.

How do the electrical blockages relate to COVID and Long-COVID symptoms?

When healthy, each of the three locations of COVID-blockage – elbow, mid-back, and mid-brain – is associated with specific physical health functions. If one of those locations becomes disrupted or blocked, those healthy functions cannot occur. Instead, specific illness symptoms might occur in the areas that are no longer receiving normal electrical support. This includes healthy functions in the actual point location as well as healthy functions in the parts of the body that are normally served along the route of that channel downstream from the actual blockage.

For example, the location at the side of the elbow where a blockage occurs in COVID is part of an electrical pathway that flows to the neck and face, where it regulates the sense of taste and smell, and supports healthy throat and sinus function. When the electrical flow at this elbow location is blocked, the electrical currents no longer flow up to the neck and face. This absence of electrical current to neck and face might cause malfunctions wherever there is not enough energy. Malfunctions along this channel can include a sore throat, cough, poor sense of taste and small, and excess mucus and drainage in the sinus. This group of symptoms is often seen in people with COVID or Long-COVID.

If the Large Intestine channel is blocked at the elbow, the part of the channel that runs from the elbow to the head will not receive its normal, healthy amount of electrical support. Areas including the shoulder, neck, sinuses, mouth, nose, and tongues might not be able to work correctly.

The mild static created by moving a finger over the skin in blocked locations can usually create enough static to straighten out the blocked electrical flow in the connective tissue just under the skin. This is a do-it-yourself or do-it-with-a –friend method. This type of treatment is referred to as “acupressure.”


The second treatment method, acupuncture, involves having a trained acupuncturist insert short, very fine stainless steel needles just beyond the point of blockage and at the blockage itself, to encourage the electrical currents to flow towards the needles. As the electrical currents are attracted to the needles, the currents move past the blocked areas. Within a few minutes to an hour, the currents will resume flowing in their healthy, pre-COVID directions.

If the patient has Long-COVID, the currents will be able to stay in their restored pathways as soon as they are corrected. Further treatment will usually not be necessary. Then again, if even before contracting COVID, a person had a pre-existing condition that somewhat blocks any of these three locations, then several treatments might be necessary.

If the patient has active COVID, the presence of the virus will continue to destabilize the routing of electricity in these three areas. Therefore, in cases of active COVID, this treatment should be performed at least twice a day until all COVID symptoms cease.

To learn more about the Chinese Medicine theory of how the electrical signals given off by large enough numbers of a virus can disrupt the healthy electrical routes in a person, especially during the incubation period, causing a decline in the person’s immune function and thus allowing the virus to thrive without being easily thrown out, please read chapter six in Tracking the Dragon: Advanced Channel Theory, a textbook for students of Chinese medicine, by Dr. Janice Hadlock (Raja Books, 2012, available at