Covid Treatment

Extra treatment instructions for people with Long-Covid


Long-COVID, sometimes called Post-COVID or “Long-haul COVID,” occurs when the body’s electrical system becomes stuck in the altered electrical patterns that occur during COVID infection. Ordinarily, after a person’s body kicks out a virus, the person’s body quickly restores the electrical currents that were distorted due to the virus. However, this restoration process is regulated in large part by the center part of the brain: the part of the mid-brain brain that is altered by COVID.

The treatments on this website can quickly restore these stuck currents to their original, healthy flow patterns.
In most cases, people with Long-COVID only need one treatment session to rid themselves of their Long-COVID symptoms. However, in some cases, a person might benefit from a second, or rarely, a third, treatment.

In these cases, the treatment can be modified to be symptom-specific.

For example, if, after the first treatment, a person’s symptoms all cease except for the back pain, the second treatment can focus and spend more time on the blockage at Du-9, in the mid-back.

If all the symptoms except for sore throat go away, the follow-up treatment(s) can focus more on the elbow location.

As an aside, mentally imagining a current running through the middle of the head, from Du-15 to Yin Tang (the point between the eyebrows) every day, can be a very salutary health practice, a form of mental hygiene. A person can benefit from spending one or two minutes doing this exercise, every day.

Keeping this current running correctly can be very important for mental health, as well as being beneficial for certain syndromes unrelated to COVID. Do not mentally stimulate the flow of the Du current through the head while trying to fall asleep: this current helps maintain alert consciousness and positive mood. If done while lying down to sleep, it can cause a short period of insomnia.

If this current is weak due to a pre-existing condition such as depression, anxiety, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, PTSD and other chronic conditions that might affect the consciousness or healthy alertness in the body, please go to Pre-existing conditions.