Pre-existing Conditions

If COVID symptoms temporarily benefit from treatment but symptoms resume even after a person tests negative for active COVID, the patient most likely has another, non-COVID health problem that has not healed or that even became worse in response to the COVID infection.

In most cases, this problem is caused by pre-existing (pre-COVID) poor flow of the Du channel through the mid-brain. If the mid-brain brain area is chronically somewhat blocked, so that the person does not have a history of healthy, vigorous energy flowing through this part of the brain, then after COVID, the person might not be able to produce the brain signals that tell the body to restore healthy electrical function following an illness or injury.


Non-COVID conditions that might weaken the flow of current through the center of the brain include depression, anxiety, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, PTSD and other chronic conditions that affect the consciousness, attitudinal vigor, and/or dopamine release. If a person has one of these conditions even before they get COVID, they might need to do the COVID treatments on this website twice a day, for weeks, until the COVID symptoms begin to lastingly clear up. They might notice immediate benefits from the treatments, but might also backslide after a few hours or days because of the pre-existing condition(s).

After the COVID has lastingly cleared up, a person might want to work on the pre-existing conditions. Most of the conditions listed above can be improved if the flow of current through the head portion of the Du channel is improved.


If a person has a history of broken arm or other arm trauma near the elbow, he might have ongoing, unhealed electrical disarray at the site of the break or the trauma. This electrical disarray might inhibit the ability to lastingly correct the elbow blockage that occurs in response to COVID.


If a person has a history of back injury, epidural injection, scars along the spine from injury, surgery, or mole removal, or other events that can diminish the flow of energy along the Du channel, treatment of those conditions in a manner that improves the flow of energy in the spine part of the Du channel might also improve a patient’s ability to straighten out the energy in the mid-brain. Treatments might include acupuncture, medical Qi Gong, or any treatment that restores the flow of electricity along the back, just over the spine.

Note: physical or structural damage in the body that occurred in response to COVID-19 will probably not respond to this Three-point COVID treatment: this treatment addresses electrical aberrations.

For example: if a patient has a stroke due to COVID-19 and loses motor or sensory function in an arm, this Three-point Treatment will not restore function in the arm. If a person has damage to a heart valve in response to COVID-19, this treatment will not repair that heart valve.

The Three-point COVID Treatment restores healthy electrical function in people whose electrical system has become stuck in the COVID-19 pattern. It will not restore tissues that were physically damaged by the virus. Then again, a person is more likely to be able to heal from physical damage if their electrical system has been restored to its proper form and function.
You do not need an acupuncturist to benefit from the Three-point COVD Treatment. The self-treatment protocol is just as effective as the acupuncture protocol.

Most acupuncturists do not study channel theory in school

Do not expect your acupuncturist to be familiar with this treatment for COVID-19 or with the theory behind it. Please be aware that most modern acupuncturists are not trained in channel theory – the bio-electric science behind Chinese medicine – and often know nothing about it.

Most acupuncturists today have been trained in the modern method of memorizing the use of various acupoints that might be useful for a given set of symptoms. They are no longer trained to detect the actual location of electrical disarray and then use their needles or other techniques to physically restore the electrical system to a route that is closest to its ideal state.
If you decide that you would rather work with an acupuncturist than do the self-treatment, please bring a copy of the acupuncture treatment protocol on this website to your acupuncturist, as they will probably be unfamiliar with this “old fashioned” method of diagnostics and treatment.

An acupuncturist might even want to treat you for “Wind-Heat” (general treatment for infection with inflammation). This type of treatment will give hit or miss results according to whether or not the acupuncturist’s ideas on Wind-Heat happen to include the crucial areas: the end of the elbow crease, the mid-back, and the midbrain.