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The locations of the three points

Point #1 Large Intestine-11

The first of the three electrical disruptions seen in people with COVID and post-COVID is at both elbows, at a location referred to by acupuncturists as Large Intestine-11, or LI-11. Large Intestine-11 is located on the thumb-side of the elbow crease, where the elbow crease ends. The end of the elbow crease is sometimes described as being located at the border between the pale skin of the under-side of the arm and the darker skin on the upper, possibly haired side of the arm.

To find another word description plus a photo and a drawing of the exact location of this point, do a websearch using the search words: Large Intestine-11. The information, including photo and drawing, will appear at the top of your screen.

Point #2 Du-9, also known as GV-9

Note the circle around Du-9

The second disruption is located on the back, directly over the spinal column, at the level of the 7th thoracic vertebra. The 7th vertebra is directly across from the bottom of the scapula. The scapula is also known as the shoulder blade. You can locate Du-9 by feeling for the lowest part of the scapula and then running your finger straight sideways, towards the spine.

Point #3 Mid-brain

Note the circle at the midbrain electrical disruption

This electrical disruption is located inside the brain. Although it cannot be directly stimulated with acupressure or needles, this area can be stimulated by simultaneously performing acupressure at a point on the forehead and at a point on the back of the head. The point on the front of the head is called Yin Tang, or “The third eye point.” The point on the back of the head is called Du-15. Stimulating Yin Tang and Du-15 at the same time can stimulate movement of the energy in the mid-brain Du channel, from the back of the head to the forehead.

Note about the three points: The three points were introduced in the above order, starting with Large Intestine-11, because Large Intestine-11 is the easiest to find, in the sense of being able to actually look at it and touch it. The third point I introduced, the midbrain point, might seem like the most difficult to locate, and so it was presented last.
However, the treatment will be most effective if the three locations are treated in the reverse order from their above introductions. The best sequence for treatment will be #1 – Midbrain, then #2 – Du-9, and finally #3 – Large Intestine-11.

This website has two different sets of instructions for treating the three points. One set of instructions is for acupressure, the “do-it-yourself” or “do-it-with-a-friend” method. The other set of instructions is for health professionals using acupuncture needles.